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I am still available during Covid please ASK for HELP if you are struggling, owning a dog does not need to be hard work and together we can find a way!

Please Note I will be away from the office until 4th December, please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I return.  Thank you!

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I am also providing consultations via Zoom so if you have a training struggle please feel free to contact me for more details on how I can help.

Let's Make Puppy Training/Dog Training A Fun Experience!

 Have you recently got a lovely new puppy and would like to get started on some puppy training sessions for relationship building? Teaching your puppy from an early age what you do want will prevent them learning behaviours that you don't want.  Now that has to be worth its weight in gold!

Building strong dog training foundations are essential if you want to train your puppy or dog to be a confident companion within your family or if you would like to train your dog to become a gun dog, agility dog, sheepdog, scent dog or sports dog, if the base is not solid then the results you want will not be strong enough and can often result in injury or breakdown of communication between you and your dog. 

Create a base that is strong enough to build on!

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Together We Are Stronger! 

Motivational Game Based Dog Training for all the Family.  Get inspired, be creative, have fun and build a relationship that you can be truly proud of.  There are no limits to the amount of joy you can experience training your dog or puppy!

Do you remember WHY you got your dog? 

You wanted to have long walks along the beach, loose lead walking past other dogs and a recall that is the best in the field!  You throw a ball and your dog brings it back and drops it by your feet so you can throw it again.  Your dog will play happily with the children and will go to bed whenever you ask!

In reality does your dog pull on the lead, chase the squirrels, lunge at the other dogs, get so excited and cannot calm down, is their recall non existent and he loves the sound of his own bark? 

Are you now at the end of your tether and fed up with the whole situation you find yourself in?  Do you get home from your walk and wonder if you dare show your face in the community ever again?  Believe me when I say I have felt like this too, frustrated, embarrassed and alone not knowing what to do. 

YOU are not alone!  We do this together, at each stage you will receive 100% support and guidance from me and if you think that it is impossible and there is no hope let me reassure you that there is always hope and I love a challenge!!!

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1-2-1 puppy training 2-6 months old - build a strong foundation with your pup!

puppy training in the garden


1-2-1 puppy training for dogs 6-12 months old - strengthen the bond!

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1-2-1 dog training for all dogs over 12 months - no dog is too old to learn new improved behaviours!

large puppy training in the garden
puppy training in the garden
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dog training at home
puppy training at home
new puppy training at home
puppy training in the garden
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